E3004 (1mm)
(51mm x 51mm)

E3003 (1mm)
(51mm x 51mm)

F5031 (0.6mm)
(79mm x 79mm)




E4002 (0.6mm)
(70mm x 70mm)

E4011 (0.6mm)
(54mm x 54mm)

D3861 (0.6mm)
(50mm x 50mm)




D3911 (0.6mm)
(142mm x 53mm)

E4041 (0.6mm)
(113mm x 55mm)

B2231 (0.6mm)
(44mm x 32mm)




D3804 (0.6mm)

D3831 (0.6mm)

D3812 (0.6mm)



F5021 (0.6mm)

D3821 (0.6mm)

D3841 (0.6mm)
(104mm x 62mm)

Over 100 Items Of Marquetry Are Available.You Are Welcome To Provide Your
Design Or Idea,And We Can Create A Unique Pattern Of Your Own.